With the special permission of Dr. Dave Janda, founder of the Operation Freedom website davejanda.com and the Operation Freedom Radio Show on WAAM Radio located in Ann Arbor Michigan, aired every Sunday from 2-5 pm, we bring you the interviews Robin McCutcheon has had with Dave discussing such topics as Economics, Academic Freedom, and the general state of Higher Education. The illustrious Guests on Dr. Dave Janda's radio show examine and debate a wide variety of subjects, including the economic and political state of the Union, identifying Deep State machinations and ways to avoid economic & political distress. Robin has been on Dave's Insider Insight show, which can be accessed by subscribing to his website.

Robin has also been a guest on the Quite Frankly Show (weekday evenings 7-9 pm Eastern time), Dr. Sean Brooks American Education FM podcast, and Jesse Jaymz's Dangerous INFO show. Frank and his guests discuss the economic and political state of the Union and offer Classically Liberal solutions for listeners, thereby helping them to identify and avoid the pitfalls of Leftist-Liberal government policies. Sean discusses the crime, corruption, political infiltration, hidden news reports and experiences regarding K-12 and higher education in America. Jesse Jaymz's show focuses on various topics including the state of the national and world economies, the history of the corporation US INC, and various aspects of personal relationships in academic settings.

Dr. Robin McCutcheon's Interviews